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Equitable and Anti-Racist Pedagogies

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It is absolutely essential that our course design, assessments, and policies are equitable. Equity, as opposed to equality, means that fairness and justice must be taken into account so that all students who enter our classrooms can succeed in our classes. Rather than giving every student the same tools (equality), we need to give each of our students what they need so that they can emerge from our classrooms with the knowledge and skills we hope they acquire. Given our racist history (in the U.S. and other contexts) equity MUST include active anti-racism on the part of instructors, and this includes a thoroughgoing reconsideration of all our course materials and our disciplinary habits.

Examining our own relationships to white supremacy

To be anti-racist pedagogues, we need to examine ourselves as people and as academics, to assess the ways we are influenced by and/or contributing to white supremacy.

Equity in the Discipline and the Classroom

And don't forget to consult the Wabash Center's Teaching Justice page!


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