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Citational Ethics and the Decolonized Syllabus

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As several of the articles in the Issue suggested and as subsequent events have made clear, we need to change our citational practices and syllabus choices, showing our students by who we include in the syllabus and by who we choose to cite in our scholarship that their voices could one day be included, too. We need to stop privileging the vaunted authority of scholars whose accomplishments are rooted in unchecked arrogance and predatory behavior and whose racism, bigotry, and elitism have gone unchecked because of a society-wide uncritical veneration for Ivy League credentials. We need to marginalize (or, even better, exclude) racist theorists (while making sure to acknowledge the exclusionary and prejudiced history of our discipline); we need to stop citing pedophiles and abusers; and we need to actively promote the work of minoritized scholars.

The links below may be helpful on this front:

Damnatio Memoriae

Diversifying citations and Decolonizing the Syllabus


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